Our Local Authors

Dark Shadows

Written by Anthony Haywood

Have you ever wondered what lurks in the Stygian depths of the the darkest nights? Have you ever experienced terror so overwhelming that it pushes the boundary of your sanity?

I invite you to come along and experience both, as we explore some of the darkest reaches of what is real and what exists only in your mind. Come along for the ride, if you dare.

This is a collection of 14 short stories, each having a distinctly eerie and disturbing chill, to haunt you on those sleepless nights.

The Dozen Buzzin' Cousins

Written by Theresa Berger

This book is about twelve brave little honey bees who must overcome tragedy to stay together as a family. Each bee has her own look and personality. A great book to get your kids thinking about bees and nature.

The Town of Alpaca

Written by Patricia Ann Schoch

The story of The Town of Alpaca shows how heartwarming it is when hatred turns into friendship, misunderstandings into trust, and working together works!

The Town of Alpaca won Third Place in the 25th annual CIPA EVVY Book Awards for Children's Storybook Fiction.

The Giggle Box

Written by Patricia Ann Schoch

Children love to laugh. Well, most children do. But when Michael moves to a new school where he doesn't know anybody, he doesn't even feel much like smiling, let alone laughing. One day, the school bus driver got very mad because everyone was making too much noise, and she changed everyone's seats. Michael found himself sitting next to Davey, who has always loved to giggle, but despite Davey's efforts, Michael just won't laugh. That is until Giggleina uses her magic to help Davey share his gift of laughter with Michael. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine, and in a world where children face more problems and pressures than any child should ever have to, isn't it nice to know that something as simple as laughing just might make a difference?

The Silver Lining of Cancer

Written by Nikki Speer

Inspired by the stories so many have shared with me, and my own personal journey after being diagnosed with cancer, I always knew I wanted to share my story and hopefully make a difference in even just one person's life.

This book was created to positively impact the lives of people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their families, in some small way. If even for a moment they can go to that place of hope, believe that a positive outcome is possible, and maybe even find a way to smile, then we will have made a difference.

Quest to Arcadia

Written by Elizabeth Hunt

'Tania and her sisters have never been normal, they're septuplets, but on their sixteenth birthday they are swept into Faerie where they find out just how different they really are. 'Tania and her six sisters are actually the long lost princesses of Ker Laeil. Each one is gifted with a special power that will help them save the world from total destruction. But first the must learn how to use their powers and journey across the Island of Others to Arcadia to try and find out what is going to destroy the world; for the prophecies are unclear. On the way the sisters face challenge after challenge as they travel across deserts, forests, jungles, and mountains. Will the girls make it back by the New Year? If they don't, the world will have to face the invasion alone.

The Good King Theseus

Written by Elizabeth Hunt

This children's picture book teaches the adventures of Theseus from Greek mythology and the legacy he left. Includes Theseus finding his father, slaying the minotaur monster, and helping King Oedipus. 

Rex: Rescued

Written by Elizabeth Hunt

A heartwarming children's tale about a young boy who finds and rescues a little puppy. This illustrated children's book follows the story of a young puppy Rex and his journey to find a family.

Long Live Freedom

Written by Elizabeth Hunt

When Karter, banished and alone, stumbles across the Kingdom of Conquistado, he finds himself recruited to the Pantasmas -the rebel group living in the forest just outside town. From there, they do their best to thwart Derex Fallon, a man who stole the crown ten years ago and has kept a strangling hold on the populace ever since. When a crazy tradition gives the Pantasma's leader, Alick, the chance of a lifetime, Karter and Alick embark on a journey to the mountains beyond to find help of a most unusual kind. In this stunning story of a handful of teenagers struggling to fight the injustice of a nation there is mystery, romance, and adventure of all kinds. The Battle for Libre commences and the reign of Derex Fallon balances on the edge of a blade.

Red, White and Black

Written by Elizabeth Hunt

Raquel "Red" Reeves is just trying to fit in and slide by under the radar as she begins her sophomore year. She doesn't want to be special in anyone's eyes-particularily not in the eys of a guy her mother set her up with-but her heart has other ideas. Soon Red finds herself dreaming of new possibilities with fresh confidence. However, when tragedy strikes, Red is left to discover how far she is willing to go to bring herself closure, peace, and finally, confidence.

The Road that Winds Back

Written by Elizabeth Hunt

Alexandria, Dacia, and Zahi are a dimension-hopping trio who have made it their mission to promote peace and understanding throughout the five universal dimensions. But when a series of murders causes the dimensions to start collapsing, it is up to them to find a way to repair the universe before its too late. The Road That Winds Back is a riveting coming of age novel in which Alexandria suffers hardships, gains enlightenment and ultimately draws upon all that she has learned in an attempt to restore balance to the universe.