There are two scents available in our 8oz Beeswax candles.

Lemon Cloud, which is made with white Beeswax

Lavender Honey, which is made with yellow Beeswax, and still retains a slight odor of honey.
These are handpoured and handcrafted through Annie's Candle Company in Louisburg, NC. 


Candle Info:

*All our wicks are cotton braided with just enough paper to help the wick maintain stability. No copper, lead, or zinc.

*When you light your candle the first time, please do not trim the wick! If the wick is cut too short, it will tunnel when burned.
*For the first burn, let the candle burn until the entire candle surface is melted. This will be about one hour per inch diameter of the candle.

*Note: All of our candle supplies (for Beeswax and Soy) are cosmetic grade, meaning that they are safe for your body. That is why they are so much less harsh for your home environment than a typical department store candle.


8oz 100% Beeswax Candle

Candle Scent