Perfect addition to anyone's kitchen! If you love to spice things up, you are in the right place! 

Pick the one that calls your name:
*Devil's Housewife: Our most popular sauce! Packed full of pineapple flavor mixed with a punch of ginger. Mild spice. We suggest using this on: ANY and EVERYthing! Tacos, noodles, chicken... cake?Banana Pepper base.

*Margarita Rattler: As refreshing as a Margarita, this sauce is packed full of flavor and class. Cilantro, jalapeno, lime- oh my! A unimposing burn led with these flavors will elevate your meal. We suggest this on: Any latin/hispanic dish, or perhaps that Margarita you totally deserve. Jalapeno Base. 

*Blackbeard's Ghost: Savory, citrusy, yet somehow sweet! This sauce is as wonderfully awesome as pirates... perhaps even awesomer? We suggest this on: Anything you would slap BBQ sauce on- yes, we mean everything. Habanero Base.

*Reaper Madness: Our devilishly delicious Carolina Reaper sauce- not for the faint-hearted, but definitely for the adventurer wanting more to their Reaper experience. Fully bodied flavor, followed by a slow and intense burn.We suggest this on: Beef, in chili, or on tacos needing a lot more "something-something". Carolina Reaper Base.

*Hellraiser: Our super spicy (yet flavorful) ghost pepper based sauce. Notes of pineapple make this an excellent staple in any hot sauce enthusiasts arsenal!We suggest this on: Chicken, fish, red meat- or really anywhere you may require a *bit* of a kick...Ghost Pepper Base. 

Oak City Hot Sauce